UV again Very High

In the strong sunshine on Monday the UV level rose even higher with a value of 9.0, which was at the top end of Very High and the highest since 7th June 2021 (9.5).

It was the sixth consecutive dry day with loss of equivalent rainfall due to evaporation of 3.6mm. Rainfall this month totals just 12.0mm and evaporation of 33m.

The thermometer soared to 22.2C, which was 2.0C above the 38-year average, which was followed by a very cool night with the thermometer sinking to 4.6C at 04.58 on Tuesday being 5.5C below the average.

Global sunshine reached 13.8 hours on each of the last three days. This is the highest value this year but it is almost mid-summer.

Tuesday brought sunshine after dawn with the temperature recovering to 15.2C at 08.00.