Tuesday brought us the sunniest day since August

The sun warmed a very chilly start to Tuesday for 10.48 hours, which was the sunniest day since 24th August. As a result of the sunshine and the lighter wind, maximum gust of just 13mph but still from the cool north east, the temperature rose a little from the very cold day on Monday. The maximum of 13.3C occurred late in the afternoon at 16.31 but was still 0.8C below the 36-year average.

As the sky remained clear overnight it was not surprising to find that an air frost occurred. However, not only was it colder than the previous night with a minimum of -1.6C, the freezing temperature set in for 5 hours rather than the 2.5 hours on the previous night.

Wednesday again saw glorious sunshine after dawn, if a little weak as it struggled through the thin, high cloud on the eastern horizon. By 08.00 the sun, having been shining strongly for nearly an hour, had lifted the temperature to 4.6C.