Thermometer soars with hottest day in July

With 11.1 hours of strong sunshine and the UV level at the top end of Very High on Wednesday it was not surprising to see the thermmter reach 24.4C being the hottest day in July.

The past night was less cool than previous nights due to the high cloud that slowed the loss of warmth into the atmosphere such that a minimum of 10.4C was recorded at 03.58 on Thursday.

Thursday morning saw a mostly cloudy sky with brief glimpses of sunshine in the early morning that lifted the temperature to 14.7C at 08.00. The cloud is associated with another weather front and depression moving in from the Atlantic principally affecting the north of the country at the moment.

The rainfall total for July still stands at after another dry day but the daily evaporation rate has been in excess of 4mm during the last three days such that the ground and plant life have lost the equivalent rainfall of 66mm during July.