Temperatures recover

Wednesday brought us 12.2 hours of sunshine, the UV level peaking at Very High and the thermometer rising to 22.1C. This was 1.9C above average and the warmest day since the 17th. The wind was much lighter with a maximum gust of 11mph and from the north-northeast.

The past night was much milder than the previous very cold night (3.2C) with a minimum of 8.2C but this was 1.9C below the 37-year average.

Thursday arrived with total cloud cover and a few rain drops observed at 07.10 but not measurable thus recorded as a trace. The temperature had recover to 13.6C at 08.00 and the barometric pressure continues high with a reading at that time of 1023.2mb. We are currently in a warm sector between two depressions to the northwest and southeast over France. A warm front will pass over the area during the morning bringing moist, warm air.