Temperatures continue to rise by day

The 11.47 hours of sunshine on Tuesday made it the sunniest day in April, raising the maximum temperature slightly higher again with a maximum of 18.4C being 4.3C above the 36-year average. The wind was just a little less brisk than on Monday although a peak gust of 31mph was logged at 11.36 and still from the cool north east.

The UV level eased a little higher, just back into the ‘High’ category.

With the anticyclone maintaining its pressure over Scandinavia circling clockwise and low pressure circling anticlockwise over Europe the wind continued from the north east as on the four previous days.

Another night with clear skies meant a cool night although the minimum of 5.6C at 04.34 was 1.6C above the average.

As on the two previous days the sun was evident as soon as it got up on Wednesday that lifted the temperature to 9.2C at 08.00.