Sunshine then early morning sleet and snow

Although the barometric pressure had been sliding for twenty-four hours and was quite low on Sunday we enjoyed 4.8 hours of sunshine, predominantly in the morning. The thermometer eased upwards to reach a maximum of 6.2C in the brisk westerly breeze that was 1.8C below the average.

The thermometer hovered around 1.5C late evening but just after midnight began to fall steadily to reach a low of -0.3C at 04.48 producing a short lived frost.

The first precipitation from a narrow weather front brought snow that started just before 06.00, with a modest layer in evidence, that soon turned to wet snow. Some pavements were icy after the cold night from the first rain and sleet to fall. It was mostly seen on gardens and lawns rather than hard surfaces. However, this quickly turned to rain and any evidence of snow melted as the thermometer rose to 0.7C at 08.00 although snow could be seen at 09.00 on the slightly higher fields rising to Savernake Forest.