Wind, rain and sun, all in one day

As Storm Erik eased away into the North Sea on Saturday we were left with sunshine and showers combined with blustery winds in localised squalls.

The 6.18 hours of sunshine, predominantly in the morning, allowed the thermometer to rise almost 2C above average with a maximum of 9.0C at 14.10. The peak gust was measured at 26mph.

There was a brief shower around 11pm last night with a rain band passing through just after 3am that in total gave us another 4.6mm of precipitation.

Just after 03.15 this morning the wind abruptly veered from the south west into the west and the thermometer fell a couple of degrees following a relatively warm night.

Sunday dawned dull with low cloud masking the Marlborough Downs from which much drizzle and light rain emanated. The minimum temperature was also above average with a low of 4.1C at 08.00.

Update on Sunday at 16.50: brisk westerly winds moderate temperature to a maximum of 6.9C, which was just below average, the first in a week.