What a dismal day on Monday!

With no sunshine and almost continuous drizzle or very light rain, Monday was a depressing day. The total rainfall after hours of minimal precipitation was just 1.6mm that did nothing to replenish my six rainwater buts.

Not only was Monday a wet day the temperature was depressed with the thermometer struggling to reach a maximum of 14.0C, which was 4.6C below average and the coldest day since 17th May.

The minimum overnight was also below average with a low of 8.8C (-0.4C).

Fog formed in the early hours limiting visibility to 400m. By 07.15 the sun was just visible through the cloud and fog but not until 08.30 was there any strength in its rays as the fog evaporated.

Today will see the wind direction change from a southerly to north westerly as air flows clockwise around the high pressure to the west of the UK.