Wettest day for a month

Sunday gave us sunshine during the morning with 1.5 hours but soon after midday the sky began to cloud over with rain arriving at 16.00, being intense for a 10 minute period at 16.30. Overnight the rain continued producing a total of 16.7mm, the wettest day since 14th February. This brings the total for March to 54.5mm being just 3mm below the 34-year March average.

The thermometer rose to a maximum of 11.7C at 11.59 on Sunday, being 1.1C above average but then dropping back, due to the cloud cover, giving a reading of 7.6C this morning at 08.00, which was 5C above the March average.

During the brief sunny morning the UV level rose to 2.3, the highest reading since 24th October.

Currently a depression is overhead central England that is slow moving, rotating in an anticlockwise direction, so that the wind later today will change into a west to north westerly as the low pressure exits east. This weather system is slow moving so we can expect much more rain today.