Warmest night for a month

Another 14.7 hours of strong sunshine on Tuesday raised the temperature again to a maximum of 22.6C, being almost 6C above average.

Cloud overnight meant that we enjoyed the warmest night since 22nd April with the thermometer falling no lower than 11.7C, being 4.6C above average.

Wednesday has dawned with the wind veering from the North into the Northeast bringing moister air and cloud from the North Sea. There were a few spots of rain at 6.30 am this morning but nothing measurable.

Half way through the month has seen rainfall totalling just 9.1mm but evaporation from ground sources and plant life totalling 47.3mm making an equivalent loss of moisture into the atmosphere of 38mm.

Wednesday update: a drop of 8C on the Tuesday peak with a maximum of only 14.8C, which was 2C below on average.