Warmest night and morning for weeks

The wind from a southerly quadrant brought another mild day with a maximum of 7.8C, just above average but 1C down on the previous day.

There were brief glimpses of sunshine early in the day, amounting to 7 minutes.

Overnight another rain band cross the country brigning 2.7mm of rain. Associated with this weather front is thick low cloud that is draping the Marlborough Downs with visibility down to 900m.

It was the warmest night for a month with the thermometer not dropping below 6.2C, almost 5C above average, and rising to 7.3C at 08.00 making it the warmest start to the day since 31st January.

We must enjoy these mild, if murky and misty days as the Jet Stream is forecast to slow down and dramatically change its pattern over recent weeks, bringing much colder weather.