Warmest morning in January on Saturday as anticyclone weakens

The intense high-pressure that has dominated our weather for the past two weeks is now weakening with the air from mid Atlantic circulating clockwise around it bringing milder air for the past day or so. As a consequence the temperature rose overnight to 7.9C at 08.00 on Saturday making this the warmest morning since December 31st, being a significant 6.3C above the average minimum for January.

There were almost 4 hours of sunshine on Friday and the UV level at 0.7 the highest in January, as on three other occasions this month, only once in December, the first sign indicating that the sun is slowly beginning to strengthen.

Saturday arrived with the wind now coming from the west, still light in strength. Thick, low cloud has returned giving complete coverage of the sky.

Update on Saturday at 15.05: now experienced longest dry spell since September 2014 with 17 consecutive dry days. Temperature rose to maximum of 9.3C, which is 2.3C above average, but no sunshine.