Warmer by night than day – our variable weather!

Tuesday gave us anther overcast, dull day with occasional drizzle, only slightly less gloomy than Monday.

During the evening the temperature began to rise reaching a maximum of 8.1C, being 1.3C above the average, at 02.21 this morning. The temperature then fell away to a reading of 5.4C at 08.00.

The rise in temperature occurred as the wind veered again, this time from the southeast into the south. with the consequent warming effect and accompanied by rain falling between 1am and 3am, totalling 1.9mm.

The last of the cloud associated with the weather front overnight is clearing away to the east at 08.00 leaving broken cloud with the promise of a much brighter day today. Thankfully, the heavy, low cloud of the last two days is being replaced by an improved air mass.