Warmer again

Wednesday saw the temperature rise again, well above average, to a peak of 20.9C (+3.8C).

The UV level was well into the ‘very high’ category.

Interestingly, the low overnight was exactly the same as the previous night with a minimum of 5.1C at the same time of 05.27.

Hazy sunshine greeted the arrival of Thursday lifting the temperature to 11.1C at 08.00. The soil temperature at a depth of 5cm at 08.00 was reading 14.9C making it the warmest since early October. The barometric pressure is easing downwards as the high pressure relinquishes its grip allowing an Atlantic depression to edge in from the west with consequent more, if thin, high cloud.

Update on Thursday at 18.15: the warmest day for a month with the thermometer reaching a maximum of 22.8C at 14.39, in light winds, which was 5.7C above the 35-year average.