Wall to wall sunshine on Friday

With the barometric pressure the highest for six months it was not surprising to find that we had 10.3 hours of strong sunshine on Friday. However, the modest breeze from the north east moderated the temperature with a maximum of 20.2C, down 2C on the Thursday peak but still 1.6C above the average.

It was another dry day. The raimall for September is just 7mm but evaporation account fo the equivalent loss of 26mm of rainfall.

Friday night into Saturday was a very cool night with the minimum of 4.3C set at 06.33, being almost 5C below average.

Before dawn fog was observed over the tops of the Marlborough Downs that developed and flowed into the valleys limiting visibility to 400m. By 08.00 the sunshine was gaining in strength, triggering the sunshine record and beginning to thin the fog. The barometric pressure has intensified with the current observation of 1034.2mb.