Very mild day and night thanks to ‘Oscar’

There was much more cloud on Saturday with just 2.22 hours of strong sunshine due to the effects of ex hurricane Oscar moving up the western seaboard of the UK. However, although there was little sunshine the thermometer rose well above average for November to a maximum of 12.9C (+2.8C) as the deep depression fed warm southerly air from the mid-Atlantic across the country.

The storm also meant a much windier day than of late with frequent gusts above 20mph and a peak of 26mph at 13.05.

With so much cloud and Oscar still bringing moist, southerly warm air overnight it was a very warm night with the thermometer not falling below 9.5C, which was almost 6C above the 34-year average.

Sunday arrived very gloomy with low cloud and drizzle. The thermometer at 08.00 had risen to 10.1C, which is the average Dayton temperature.