Unsettled weather continues

Sunday proved a stormy day with winds from the northwest gusting to 39mph. Temperatures were depressed with a maximum of 9.3C being 1C below average. However, the strength of the wind and from that direction produce a wind chill that meant at the warmest past of the day it felt more like 6C.

There were two very brief showers of small hail (<5mm) at 12.05 and 12.50 amounting to 0.4mm. The thermometer fell away overnight to register a minimum of 2.4C at 06.07 Monday morning, which was just above average for early March. The wind had abated somewhat on Monday morning and we were greeted by sunshine as it rose above the horizon with the thermometer lifting a little to register 4.1C at 08.00. Update on Monday at 16.10: Strong westerly winds all day with a peak of 29mph. The sunshine raised the temperature to a maximum of 10.8C, which was 0.5C above average in the 10 hours of sunshine that weakened in late afternoon as cloud began to drift in from the west.