Two cold fronts bring much needed rain

Wednesday saw little sunshine, just 1.4 hours, with a mostly cloudy day and no rain during daylight hours. As a result the temperature was a little down on the previous two days with a maximum of 22.3C, still 1.6C above average.

A mild night followed with the thermometer slowly falling to a minimum of 15.6C at 08.00 today, being 4.1C above average, due to the thick cloud associated with the low pressure system to the west.

The first of the two cold fronts crossing the area brought the first rain just before 05.00 today producing 11.5mm with a heavy burst at 07.05 that measured a rate of 46mm/hour. There was a slight pause around 08.00 as the second cold front approached with the promise of more heavy rain.

Update at 10.30: rain stopped adding another 6mm (total of 17.5mm since 05.00) as second cold front moves away to the east leaving thick cloud and virtually still conditions.

at 18.00: cloud slowly thinned after midday with sun breaking through early afternoon, that lifted the temperature to 20.3C at 16.31, which was 0.4C below average. No further rainfall after 10.30.