The rainy season us upon us!

Tuesday saw the thermometer struggle to a maximum of 6.1C at 13.27 during the 4 hours of sunshine in the morning. This was 1.7C below average and the first below average day for a week. However, advancing cloud before noon gradually blotted out the sunshine with rain starting late afternoon.

Another 5.2mm of precipitation was recorded yesterday, which brings the December total to 24.8mm. We have now had eight successive days with significant rainfall after six months with below average rainfall.

Light rain continued throughout the night and at dawn the cloud base was low with more light rain and drizzle.

After a low of 4.1C at 23.05 the thermometer eased upwards with a significant rise just before dawn so that at 08.00 the thermometer read 8.7C.

Update on Wednesday at 15.00: persistent rain arrives just after noon from a wide and slow moving weather front extending from northern France to Scotland. Southerly mild, moist air mass raises temperature to a maximum of 11.8C, being 4C above average.