Sunshine returns but cooler

Thursday saw the thermometer slowly reach a peak of 14.3C, this was 0.4C below average due to the gentle northeasterly breeze although we enjoyed 4.04 hours of sunshine in the afternoon when the gloomy thick cloud had dispersed.

The sky cleared overnight allowing the thermometer to drop to a minimum of 1.2C at 07.25, which was 6.2C below average giving a ground frost.

Friday dawned with a clear sky, shortly afterwards a thin band of cloud partly obscured the sun but just after 08.00 this had eased away to the east leaving bright sunshine with the promise of more to come as the high pressure exerted its influence.

Update on Friday at 18.30: temperature eases upwards under the influence of 7.4 hours of warm sunshine and little wind, peak of 11mph, to a maximum of 15.6C, almost 1C above average.