Sunshine returns!

After the very wet day on Friday, Saturday brought 10 hours of welcome sunshine. However, the temperature was depressed with a maximum of only 16.2C, which was 4C below the 35-year average. The cool day was due to the very brisk winds from the south west, maximum gust of 26mph, thanks to the strong air flow on the southern flank of storm Miguel, although we did not suffer the stronger winds experienced on the south coast.

A dry day with the UV level rising up to the ‘high’ category, Friday was ‘moderate’ in the afternoon after the rain front had passed through.

Another cool night was to follow, again below average, with a minimum of 6.5C (-3.5C).

Sunday saw strong sunshine from dawn that by 08.00 had lifted the temperature to 13.1C as the depression was long departed and the barometric pressure recovered to give a minor ridge of high pressure with a reading of 1020.8mb after the low of 997.4mb on Friday.