Sun and warmth returned on Saturday

After the cloudy and wet day on Friday, Saturday saw the sun return as the barometric pressure began to rise giving us nearly 10 hours of sunshine and a much warmer day, although below average (-1.4C) with a maximum 21.3C.

It was a dry day except for a light shower mid-morning. Rainfall in July stands at 19.2mm but evaporation has risen to 70mm.

The past night was 3C cooler, and below average (-1.4C), than the previous very warm night with a minimum of 10.4C at 05.35.

After initial brightness at dawn on Sunday cloud quickly blotted out any sunshine. However, at 08.02 the cloud began to break up allowing bursts of sunshine.

Update on Sunday at 18.10: late afternoon sunshine raised temperature to a maximum of 22.3C at 17.56, just below average, with UV level rising to very high.