Record data

Highest Day Temp35.919-Jul-06
Lowest Day Temp-7.812-Jan-87
Highest Night Temp18.823-Aug-87
Lowest Night Temp-14.120-Dec-99
Latest Air Frost-0.44-Jun-91
Earliest Air Frost-0.74-Sep-93
Highest Number Air Frosts in a Year982010
Lowest Number Air Frosts in a Year362014
Highest Annual Rainfall1146.12002
Lowest Annual Rainfall5401996
Lowest Monthly Rainfall2.0Apr-84
Highest Day Rainfall46.423 December 2013
Highest Number of Snowfall Days in a Year322010
Highest Wind Speed5718 Jan 2007
31 March 2007
Highest Barometer1049.427-Jan-92
Lowest Barometer965.68-Nov-10
Highest Number of Dry Days in a Month28Aug-03
Lowest Number of Dry Days in a Month2Apr-98
Coldest Night in the Year (over 27 years)14 February
Hottest Day in the Year (over 27years)1 August