Ridge of high pressure lifts temperatures

The ridge of high pressure on Tuesday, then easing eastwards to Central Europe, meant a flow of milder air from the Atlantic.

Tuesday saw the thermometer rose to 10.1C at 14.22, which was 3C above average and the second warmest day this month. It was another dry day.

We enjoyed 6.8 hours of broken sunshine with the UV level rising to 1.8, the highest since 24th October.

For most of the past night the thermometer hovered around 7C but just before dawn fell a little so that by 08.00 today, Wednesday, it was reading 6.2C, which was almost 5C above average.

Wednesday morning saw broken cloud after dawn with little wind.

Update on Wednesday at 17.50: southerly air flow lifted temperature well above average (+3.5C) with maximum of 10.6C at 12.53 before cloud built up to mask the sun.