Rainfall above average and not half way through March

Monday was a miserable day with almost continuous rain throughout the morning, easing up in the afternoon and becoming intermittent from the very wide and slow moving rain band.

I recorded 4.4mm of rainfall yesterday that now brings the March total to 58.8mm being 1mm above the 34-year average.

There was just one very brief spell of sunshine in the afternoon lasting 3 minutes.

The rain and thick cloud depressed the temperatures on Monday with a maximum of just 9.1C, which was 1.5C below the average. This occurred as the influence of the depression began to wain when it drifted eastwards and as a consequence the wind backed into the northwest. Overnight the temperature very slowly fell away reaching a minimum of 2.3C at 06.42, being almost exactly average for March.

Tuesday has dawned overcast with very still wind conditions.