Rain, rain and more rain!

The depression that has plagued us over the past four days is reluctant to move away so Thursday was another dull day with bursts of rainfall that amounted to 5.0mm and brought the monthly total to 57.mm. This brought the June total 4mm above the 35-year average.

Temperature by day was again depressed due to the thick cloud cover and frequent showers with a maximum of only 13.3C, which was 6.9C below average. The converse was true of the past night as the thick cloud cover meant little warmth, such that there was, escaping into the atmosphere and as a result the minimum of 10.4C was 0.3C above the average.

The diurnal temperature was 2.9C, the difference between day and night time temperatures, that can have a range of up to 25C when a very cool night under clear skies is followed by a hot day.

Friday dawned as previous days with showers of rain from a sky full of heavy cloud but at least the wind still comes from the south west, usually a warmer direction. We live in hope of this miserable low-pressure system moving away – soon!

Update on Friday at 18.00: temperature eases upwards with maximum of 17.4C but still almost 3C below average.