Rain and more rain – wettest day for 6 months

Yesterday appeared to be the start of the rainy season! Precipitation started falling just after 8am yesterday morning and continued for over 10 hours, ceasing shortly after 6pm, from the very wide and slow moving band of rain.

The daily total was 21.1mm, making it the wettest day since 19th November 2016 and bringing the total for May to 61.4mm, which is 0.9mm above the average for the whole of May.

It is not surprising that it was the third consecutive day without sunshine and UV level in the ‘Low’ category.

Just after midday the wind began to veer from a southerly direction, which it had been from for six consecutive days, into the west and then northwest late afternoon.

The thermometer slowly rose to its maximum of 15.4C at 11.01 and fell away for the rest of the day and night with a minimum of 7.9C at 06.13 this morning.

Lowest UV level since 16th March
Wettest day since 19th November
Lowest solar energy since 3rd March.
Breaks the pattern of five consecutive months with below average rainfall

What a contrast a day makes. This morning the sun started to break through the mist and patchy fog after dawn and by the time readings were taken at 08.00 had pushed the thermometer to 10.8C and given us 1.3 hours of glorious strong sunshine.