Drifting valley fog

Following a night with clear skies, no wind and an air frost with a minimum temperature at sunrise of -0.7C, it is not surprising to see valley fog drifting around with varying density.

Another sunny day after sharp air frost

Following a sharp air frost, when the thermometer dropped to -2.1C, yesterday brought clear blue skies and much sunshine totalling 5.96 hours during daylight hours.
The soil temperature at a depth of 5cm has reached it lowest since January at 0.7C.

Heavy rain and wind gust to 45mph overnight

As forecast the wind strengthened overnight with a maximum gust of 45mph at 03.38 as the barometric pressure dropped to a low of 991mb. This was accompanied by heavy rainfall totalling 13.5mm for the past twenty-four hours, which was the greatest daily rainfall total since 11th November.

First ‘wet’ day this month

Rainfall for the last twenty-four hours amounted to 2.8mm. Any daily rainfall total equal to or above 1mm is described as a ‘wet’ day. This is the first significant rainfall in December.
We have now had several days in December with significant direct sunshine totals, the highest being 6.19 hours on the 6th and 6.09 hours on the 8th.
The highest gust of wind last evening was measured at 33mph.

Driest week since September

With six dry days and just a light shower on the 4th it has been the driest week since the end of September. The consistently high pressure has also ensured that there have been four days with sunshine after the grey, overcast days in November.