Not coldest night in November

It was not the coldest night this month in Marlborough, as was widely predicted. The thermometer dropped to -1.4C whereas on the 6th it was as low as -1.8C. However, at 0800 on the 6th the temperature had recovered to just above freezing. Today at that time, the air frost was just as deep at -1.4C.
The last twenty-four hours brought only the second time this month when both maximum and minimum were below the long-term average.

Warmest day for nearly a month

After the warmest day since the 2nd November with a maximum of 14.1C, the air temperature has been slowly falling, especially after the wind changed from a southerly quarter to a northern direction early today. The current temperature is 7.1C and still dropping.
With a further 10mm of rainfall in the last twenty four hours, the total for November is now 101mm, which is 113% of the long-term average.

Most dismal day since January 2014

Yesterday the cloud cover was so dense that any week solar activity did not penetrate through. There was no direct or indirect sunshine and the UV level was 0. The air temperature rose almost continuously from 0800 yesterday, with a low of 6.0C, until just after 0500 today, when it peaked at 12.4C. The many hours of light rain and drizzle only produced 3.9mm of precipitation after a heavy shower overnight.

Rainfall for 2014 passes 1,000mm

The rainfall total for 2014, so far, is 1,008mm making it at the moment the sixth wettest year since my records began in 1984 and we still have six weeks left to run this year. The thirty-year average is 845mm.
The barometer has been rising for the last twenty-four hours and currently stands at 1010mb, which is the highest since the beginning of the month. This limited ridge of higher pressure should bring a drier spell for the next couple of days.

Yet more rainfall

With another 10.8mm of rainfall within the last twenty-four hours the total for November is 84.1mm, which is close to the long-term average of 90.1mm. Yesterday was another dismal day with minimal UV value of 0.9 and no direct sunshine, the fourth such day this month. The upside is that temperatures by day and night continue to be above average and the soil temperature at a depth of 5cm is still high at 8.2C.