Wettest night for seven weeks – and an apology

A miserably cold and wet day on the 20th produced a total of 10.5mm, the wettest day since 2nd March. The thermometer struggled to reach 12.1C when the mean is 13.7C.

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Coldest night for almost a month

With a clear sky and air moving down from a northerly direction it was not surprising to experience a sharp air frost last night. There were four hours  when the air temperature fell below zero and a minimum of -1.6C. This was the first air frost since 24th March.

There have been eleven consecutive days without precipitation so the air during the daytime has become progressively drier dropping to a low of 39% on the 16th.


Driest period for five months

With 10 consecutive dry days it has been the driest period since late November.
After 17 days the monthly rainfall total is now 14.9mm whereas the total loss of moisture from evapotranspiration amounts to 32.9mm.
With recent daytime temperatures above average and after tonight’s low minimum it is time to
begin sowing the small vegetable seeds, especially as the soil temperature at a 5cm depth has recently been around 7 or 8C at 0800.

UV level rated High

During the last few days the UV level has been rated at High with hours of Bright Sunshine now in double figures, 10.8 and 11.0 on the 12th and 13th.
Solar energy on the 13th was the highest since the beginning of August 2013.
Evaporation since 1st April now exceeds rainfall for the month by 7mm.