Coldest August day for two years

With a maximum of only 16.9C it was the coldest August day for two years, some 4.5C below the August average. However, August 18th in 2011 holds the record when the thermometer struggled to only 15.2C in the late afternoon as the result of strong north-easterly winds.

Coolest night for six weeks

With the wind coming from the north-west and clearing skies at night it is to be expected that we experience cooler nights as well as depressed maxima. Just before dawn on the 16th the thermometer dropped to 7.8C, the coldest for six weeks.
UV values are also falling as the sun’s strength weakens. The index has dropped from ‘Very High’ to ‘High’.

Above average rainfall after 11 days

The rainfall for the past 24 hours was 10.1mm. After just eleven days in August the total rainfall of 65mm exceeds the 30-year average for Marlborough. The two records for August are just 5mm of rainfall in 1995 and 140mm in 1992.

Ex Hurricane Bertha

The worst of the projected storm passed by Marlborough. With heavy rainfall for a couple of hours, starting just before 0600, the rainfall total amounted to 18mm and with a maximum gust of wind at 1720 measuring 35mph, it was not as bad as had been projected. Shortly after midday the skies began to break as the barometric pressure started to rise after a continuous fall of 20 millibars. A reading of 991mb was the lowest since early March 2014.