First dry day and coldest night in January

Yesterday was the first totally dry day this month, the 4th brought a light shower amounting to 0.1mm. With the lightest winds in January it was not surprising that, combined with cooler air behind a cold front, it was the coldest night since the end of January with a minimum of -2.2C over open ground just after 0300.
As the cloud cover arrived a short shower of snow grains was noted for a few minutes at 0730.

Lowest barometric pressure since September 2014

After a rapid fall in barometric pressure over 12 hours yesterday the lowest pressure registered was 984.7mb just after 0200 this morning.
The intense depression also brought extremely heavy rainfall between 0130 and 0300 producing a daily total of 16.2mm, which is the highest daily total since September 18th 2014. Half way through January the monthly total for rainfall is now 76mm, which is 83% of the long-term average for the whole month.
A peak wind gust was measured at 40mph during the evening.

First snowfall since February 2014

Brief snow showers deposited between 1 and 2cm of wet snow in the early hours which stopped just after 0800. Total precipitation was 6.5mm.
Due to bright sunshine mid-morning and reflected energy from the snow surface, the solar energy was the highest figure since the end of November 2014.

Heavy rain overnight

Much rain fell during daylight hours yesterday but the most intense was just after midnight. The total for yesterday was 13.5mm. The continuing mild weather meant a maximum of 11.1C, which is nearly 4C above the January average.

Average temperature 4C warmer than average for beginning of January

The fluctuating weather since the beginning of this month has meant that the average daytime temperature is 4C above, and the minimum is 2C above, the long-term average.
The wind strength is already rising this morning in advance of another depression. The maximum gusts for the last three days are 48mph, 38mph and 38mph with a gust of 30 mph recently.
Rainfall this month totals 40mm when the monthly average is 92mm.