Another air frost overnight after wet morning.

The rainfall of 3.9mm yesterday brought the total for the month to 52.7mm, which is 80% of the long-term average.
With two days left in February the mean temperature is approximately 1C below the 31-year average and more than 2C colder than February 2014.

Warmest day and strongest wind gust during February

After a very cold night during saturday into sunday the thermometer rose steadily all day until late afternoon when it peaked at 9.4C, the warmest day this year. This warmth was brought by southerly winds that increased as the day progressed with a peak gust of 38mph just after 4pm. The many hours of rainfall totalled 9.4mm.

Highest daily rainfall for a month

The many hours of rainfall yesterday gave a total for the twenty-four hour period of 15.5mm, which is the wettest day since 14th January.
This morning the falling air temperature overnight, following the very wet day, produced thick fog.