Warmest night since early September

The minimum temperature overnight was 15.8C making it the warmest night since 5th September.

Another 10.7mm of rain fell in the past 24 hours bringing the total this month so far to 83.2mm, which is very close to the 30-year average for October. The last two years have seen very wet Octobers with 135mm and 121mm in 2013 and 2012 respectively. The total rainfall for 2014 to date is 911mm making it the fifth wettest year on record with the rest of October, then November and December, which can only increase the annual amount for this year.

Warm air from the Azores raises maximum temperatures to well above average.

At the start of the week maximum temperatures only just made double figures, at 11C, but the southerly winds over the last two days have increased the peak temperatures by 6C to 17.5C today, 3C above the long-term average. The very low minimums this week, of 2C, have also recovered to 10C, which is 3C above the long-term average.
The rainfall over the last five days amounted to 34.5mm bringing the total for the month to 72.5mm, which is 82% of the long-term average with two weeks of the month still ahead.

Depression brings gale force winds

The depression tracking up the eastern side of the UK brought consistently strong winds overnight and a gust of 36mph just before 0600. The rainfall over the last 24 hours totalled 5.0mm. With the barometric pressure just beginning to rise, after a low of 999mb, the winds will start to ease.

Strongest wind gusts for eight months

Yesterday we experienced the strongest wind gusts since 8th February with a peak gust of 38 mph just after noon. The soil temperature, at a depth of 5cm, has been in single figures for the past four days and the lowest since early May and reading 7.9C at 0800 today.