Warmest day for four months

Yesterday was the warmest day since November 2nd with a maximum of 14.1C. There was also a high level of UV light, the highest since early October.

Warmest day for two months

With a peak of 12.1C yesterday it was the warmest day since 9th January. The anticyclone also provided another 6 hours of sunshine bringing the total for this month to almost 33 hours of strong sunshine.

Sharp air frost but more sunshine

The thermometer dropped to -2.0C overnight but another day dawned with sunshine. There have been almost 24 hours of sunshine over the last four days due to the approaching high pressure system. The barometric pressure at 0800 was 1040mb, the highest reading since 8th February.

Recurring ground frosts but glorious sunshine

The air temperature over the last three nights did not drop sufficiently to give an air frost but cold enough for a ground frost with a low of 0.5C last night. Maximum temperatures this month have all been below the long-term average, the last two days being 3C below.
Yesterday morning there was a brief shower of snow pellets lasting just a few minutes.