Warmest day since end of July 2014

Throughout the day the thermometer rose to peak at 24.3C in the late afternoon. This was the warmest day since July 30th last year. Being close to the longest day it is not surprising that the UV peak was again in the ‘Very High’ category accompanied by 4.76 hours of strong sunshine.

Fog early morning

Following a warm and dry day with a maximum of 22.3C, fog formed overnight as the temperature dropped to a minimum of 7.7C. The fog, with a visibility of around 200 meters, cleared readily by 0810 as the strong sunshine got to work.

Little wind and warm sunshine

Yesterday was notable in that the strongest gust of wind was just 9mph. Warm sunshine later in the afternoon made for a pleasant evening and this morning at 0800 the temperature was 16.3C, the second warmest this month, with virtually no air movement.

Very cool day after wet morning

There was welcome rainfall yesterday morning, but no great quantity, with a daily total of 4.6mm, which brings the figure for June to 19.8mm (35%). Due to the cloud and rain, the maximum temperature was just 16.7C when the mean for June is 19.7C. There was compensation in the afternoon as the sun appeared with the diminishing cloud cover to produce 3.36 hours of string sunshine.