New Sunshine Recording instrument added to station

Previously in the Daily Statistics section there have been values for ‘Bright Sunshine’ which is calculated globally. This is a measure of sunshine as calculated from the weather station’s solar sensor and receives radiation direct from the sun and also reflected amounts from cloud and sky, the “all sky solar radiation. Small amounts are received even when cloud is present and the sun is hidden. These figures provide the best relationship between solar pv panel output on a daily basis. The data has a threshold of 100W/m2
A new dedicated Sun Duration Sensor has been installed which records Direct Sunshine using a pyrheliometer. An additional column has been added to the Daily Statistic page, with a yellow heading to the column. The data has a threshold of 120W/m2 as defined by the World Meteorological Office definition of sunshine.

Wettest night for seven weeks – and an apology

A miserably cold and wet day on the 20th produced a total of 10.5mm, the wettest day since 2nd March. The thermometer struggled to reach 12.1C when the mean is 13.7C.

The software operating the site has been upgraded which has produced some complications and along with changes to the website itself has meant some disruption. I apologise for this temporary situation which will be resolved soon. An additional feature is planned to be included in the updated website.