Mild weather sweeps across the area

Monday at 08.00 started with a temperature of 3.8C but gradually during the daytime and overnight the thermometer rose to 9.2C at 23.00 and a maximum of 10.6C at 03.09 in the early hours of Tuesday. This was 8.2C above the 37-year average minimum and 2.5C above the average maximum.

Rain fell late evening and overnight amounting to 4.5mm bringing the monthly total to 25.1mm when the average is 90.5mm.

Tuesday arrived with total cloud cover and light rain falling. The temperature at 08.00 was 9.8C with a light southwesterly breeze.

Much more sunshine on Sunday

Under a temporary ridge of high pressure on Sunday we enjoyed 3.9 hours of sunshine with the maximum temperature rising to just above the average with a peak of 7.6C (+0.5C). It was the sunniest day since 31st December with the UV level again at 0.7, the strongest this month and equal to the two previous days.

The thermometer fell away to a low of 2.2C at 03.13 early Monday.

Monday dawned with total cloud cover and a few rain drops, not measurable, from the cloud that was easing in from the west ahead of the next weather system. The thermometer had recovered to 3.8C at 08.00

Another day with a little sunshine

Saturday was much brighter again and we saw the sunshine for almost three quarters of an hour. The wind came predominantly from the west and lighter than on Friday that saw the the thermometer rise to 9.0C being 1.8C above the average.

No rain fell in the past twenty-four hours with UV registering 0.7 at its peak, equal highest this month.

The temperature fell away to 2.7C just after dawn on Sunday being 1.3C above the average. There was much blue sky after daybreak with the odd cloud passing by allowing much sunshine, weak at the start but gaining in strength after 08.15.

A little brightness broke the gloom on Friday

Although Friday started gloomy, late morning the cloud thinned and lifted to allow a little welcome sunshine to break through for just over half an hour. However, after the previous cool night and the wind in the morning coming from the northeast, the thermometer struggled to reach a maximum of just 2.6C being 4.5C below the January average. The wind subsequently veered into the east and southeast overnight.

The coldest part of the night occurred at 20.04 Friday evening with a minimum of -1.3C before advancing cloud from the next wide rain band saw the thermometer recover to +1.3C at 22.00. The wind strength increased as the weather front arrived with a peak gust of 24mph at 01.46.

Saturday arrived with very low, thick cloud and continuous light rain that overnight amounted to 3.6mm. The temperature at 08.00 read 4.8C. The wind is currently coming from the southwest and quite brisk.

Warm to cold as wind direction changes again

Although the warm air persisted on Thursday until just after midday the wind, then coming from the cooler north, saw the thermometer begin to fall away. By 17.00 the thermometer read 4.6C and at 22.00 had dropped further to 2.0C. The minimum of 0C was reached at 06.27 on Friday morning. The strong wind gusting to 26mph produced a wind chill so that it felt up to 2C below that registered on a thermometer.

Another 1.8mm of rainfall was recorded that brought the monthly total to 14.9mm when the average is 90.5mm.

Friday brought another dark and gloomy start to the day with thick cloud. The wind had veered further into the north-northeast but much lighter than the wind on Thursday.