Mean temperature for first half of July 2.6C above average

Monday brought more cloud and much less sunshine, 4.8 hours, but during that time the UV level was again Very High. No further rain.

Maximum temperature: 27.1C being 4.9C above average
UV: 8.3, which was Very High
Sunshine: 4.81 hours
Maximum wind gust: 19mph and veering into the west
Evaporation: 4.03mm of equivalent rainfall
Minimum temperature: 9.9C, being 1.8C below average
Ground temperature: at 5cm depth 08.00 today was 20.3C

Tuesday arrived with broken cloud and intermittent sunshine giving a cooler start to the day with a reading of 16.9C at 08.00

Hotter again on Sunday followed by the warmest morning for a year

Sunday saw the thermometer rise to 27.7C, which was 5.3C above the July average and was held for well over an hour.

Another 14.92 hours of sunshine was recorded and not surprisingly the UV level was again Very High.

During the afternoon the wind veered into the north west, a direction from which we have not seen the wind for over a month.

A much milder night followed with the thermometer falling just below the July average with a minimum of 11.2C

Initially there was sunshine from dawn but by 08.00 more cloud had arrived temporarily obscuring the sun. However, by 08.00 the temperature had risen to 21.1C, making it the warmest morning since 9th July 2017.

Heat returns although change imminent as anticyclone eases away

Saturday saw the thermometer start to rise again over previous days maxima giving a maximum of 26.2C at 15.04, being 4C above average. The UV level rose back to Very High during the almost 10 hours of strong sunshine.

A cool night followed with a minimum of 9.6C, which was 2C below average.

Rainfall this month totals just 4.6mm whereas evaporation totals 66mm of equivalent rainfall.

Sunday dawned with strong sunshine that gave a temperature of 17.8C at 08.00

Sunday update at 17.35: maximum temperature of 27.7C at 16.21 and maintained for over an hour.

Wind veered into the northwest mid-afternoon, a direction not experienced for a while.

Wettest day for six weeks

Friday started with strong sunshine that was obscured just before midday as the shower clouds began to build. The sunshine lasted for just 2.09 hours, the lowest daily amount this month as was the UV at 4.9 being in the Moderate level. The peak temperature was 22.9C, just above average.

A few spots of rain were noted at 14.00, which amounted to just dampness on the ground and soon dried up. However, a shower started at 14.50 with steady light to moderate rain that lasted for over two hours, very light for the last half hour, and totalled 4.0mm, which made it the wettest day since 31st May. Unlike other areas we did not experience the downpours that were to the east and west of Marlborough. During the period from 15.32 to 16.24 eight claps of thunder were heard.

It was a cool night with the thermometer falling to 11.2C, just 0.5C below the average.

Saturday arrived with fog, which after dawn limited the visibility to 200m, that cleared by 07.30 as the thermometer recovered to 15.8C at 08.00.

Evaporation almost equals monthly rainfall – BUT we have only had just one brief shower!

Month so far:
Evaporation: equal to rainfall of 59.4mm
Average rainfall: 60.9mm
Actual rainfall: 0.6mm
Strong sunshine: 139 hours

Thursday saw an increase in sunshine to 11.46 hours and the temperature move up a notch with a maximum of 25.8C, being 3.5C above the average.

It was another dry day and the UV again into the Very High level

Overnight saw the thermometer briefly fall below average at 05.03 to a minimum of 10.0C, being 1.7C below the average.

Friday has dawned with hazy sunshine and much broken cloud.

Friday update at 14.25: a few drops of rain started to fall exactly 14.00 but soon stopped, only enough to dampen the ground before beginning to dry up.

Update at 15.00: more consistent light rain commenced at 14.50.

Update at 18.16: rainfall to 18.00 was 4mm, being the wettest day for six weeks from steady, light rain. No downpour but welcome rain without damage. During the showers eight claps of thunder were heard. Currently weak sunshine breaking through.