Today is the coldest morning this month

Thursday, data down on Wednesday:
Maximum temperature down 2.4C at 8.2C, which was still 1.4C above average
Minimum of -0.2C down 5C at 07.55, which was 1.3C below average
Wind gusts peaking at 22mph, down 25mph
Sunshine of 3.47 hours was down 2.1 hours

After a sunny morning intermitted and sometimes thicker cloud, built up after midday, but no precipitation was recorded.

Due to the much drier air the evaporation from the ground and plant life was almost 1mm, the second highest this month.

This morning we are greeted by a clear sky giving the coldest morning at 08.00 this month. There is promise of much sunshine today as the barometric pressure has been rising for twenty-four hours, which is likely to minimise shower activity. However, tomorrow morning is likely to be very wet.

4C warmer by night than day! Forecast gales did arrive overnight.

Wednesday was a superb day with 5.61 hours of glorious sunshine, the second sunniest day this month. However, the brisk westerly winds meant that the temperature was pegged back to around 6C during daylight hours, dropping back to 4C in the evening.

The forecast strong winds arrived just before 11pm last night, strengthening to a peak gust of 47mph at 01.45. This occurred due to a deep low pressure to the north of the country that backed the wind from west to south starting just after 7pm last night. The southerly winds brought a temporary blast of warmer air that pushed the thermometer to a maximum of 10.6C at 02.07 early this morning before falling away to 5.2C today at 08.00.

The wide band of mainly light rain arrived just after 9pm, producing 1.9mm of precipitation.

This morning was heralded by broken cloud, the promise of more sunshine and the thermometer falling a little further due to the clearer skies and before the sun began to have any effect. The wind has now veered into the southwest and moderated considerably.

Winter bites back!

Update at 12.30: Temperature 6.2C but wind chill makes it feel like 3C with wind gusting to 29mph.

Monday produced 2.15 hours of sunshine but the brisk western wind, gusting to 26mph, pegged back the temperature with a maximum of 6.4C, just below average and 3.5C cooler than Monday. There was also a wind chill making it feel a couple of degrees cooler.

There was a short sharp shower at 13.30 that started as rain and briefly turned to soft hail. There was also a short shower of small hail overnight. Both showers combined only produced 0.4mm of precipitation.

It was significant to see that the UV level yesterday, at 0.8, was the highest value since 12th December. We have endured 6 days in January with thick, overcast skies that meant no UV level was detected.

The thermometer was at its lowest of 1.7C, just above the January average, at 22.39 last night. The temperature has recovered slightly to reach 2.8C at 08.00 today.

The day is starting with predominantly clear sky, minimal cloud at 08.00, with a slight ground frost and the wind having moderated. The humidity level at 08.00 was 82%, very low for this time of day and the lowest this month, equal to that on 3rd of January. There is promise of fewer showers today and more sunshine as the wind continues to moderate as a result of the barometric pressure continuing to rise, up 10mb from yesterday.

Goodbye still, damp, murky weather – hello cold, windy and showery weather

With just 6 minutes of sunshine on Monday, it was only a little brighter than previous days with the thermometer, again above average (+3.2C), reaching a peak of 9.9C at 11.14, thanks to the southwesterly winds, gusting to 30 mph at 11.35.

The rain cleared late morning producing another 4.1mm of rain bringing the total for January to 32.9mm, only 36% of the 34-year January average.

The wind late morning veered into the west with a consequent drop in temperature mid-afternoon.

The clearing sky overnight meant that the minimum was 3.8C at 08.00 with the thermometer still dropping, heralding the dramatic change in weather from cloudy, damp and overcast skies to little cloud and the possibility of more sunshine, albeit with much lower temperatures. Although the thermometer read 3.8C at 08.00, the wind chill meant it felt more like 2C this morning.

Update at 13.40: short shower at 13.30, initially rain then soft hail, called ‘graupel’, lasting five minutes and thermometer dropped 2C.

Warmer by night than day – topsy turvy 24 hours

On sunday the thermometer was at its minimum at 08.08 with a reading of 2.8C before recovering slightly to 4.8C at 14.15. There was then a fall away before reaching a low of 3.4C at 19.45.

However, with the wind veering from the east into the south later in the day, a much warmer air mass, the thermometer reached a maximum of 9.0C at 08.00 today, Monday, being 2.1C above average.

Overnight, the first section of a weather front brought rain starting just after 14.30, producing 5.1mm, within which were gusty winds peaking at 31mph at 04.55.

This morning is dominated by thick, low cloud with another rain band about to traverse the area.