Exceptionally calm day

There were many occasions on Tuesday when the anemometers were stationery with the maximum movement of air logged at just 9mph. I had to look back to February 24th to find a day with a maximum gust so low, all 9mph.These calm conditions continued overnight as the cloud base fell again to limit visibility at 07.00 on Wednesday to 1,000m.

Although heavy rain warnings were given for the area Tuesday into Wednesday, we experienced just a few very light showers that in the twenty-four hours amounted to only 0.6mm. The rain radar showed the intense rainfall travelling in a north-eastwardly direction from the Channel to the east of this area.

The other notable feature of Tuesday was the very high humidity, only briefly dropping to 75%, rising to 97% during the evening and overnight.

With the thick cloud, although winds were light, the thermometer struggled to reach 17.3C on Tuesday being 2.9C below average. The opposite was true overnight as the blanket of cloud meant little warmth, such as there was, radiated into the atmosphere resulting in a minimum of 13.5C, well above average. The diurnal temperature, therefore, was only 3.8C, the range between day and night – quite unusual for June.

By 08.00 Wednesday the cloud base had lifted a little to increase visibility to 1,800m and the thermometer to read 13.9C.

Update on Wednesday at 16.20: almost still conditions throughout the day, maximum air movement of just 8mph on one occasion. Very humid, 83% all day when normally around 50%, with a maximum of 17.6C, which was 2.6C below average. Only a few spots of rain, not amounting to a shower.

Only the fourth dry day this month

With no precipitation on Monday it was only the fourth dry day this month. The current rainfall total is 62.9mm being 118% of the 35-year average.

Although it was a little warmer than many previous days this June the maximum of 19.5C was still 0.7C below the average. Likewise, the overnight minimum of 8.3C was below average (-1.8C).

Tuesday arrived with low cloud covering the Marlborough Downs and Savernake Forest that at times limited visibly, e.g. at 06.30, to 500m.

By 08.00 the fog had lifted and the temperature risen to 11.3C. The significant feature this morning is the total lack of any wind with both anemometers stationary at 08.00.

Update on Tuesday at 18.30: heaviest rain bypasses Marlborough again with just 0.5mm up to this time.

A little less rain, a little more sunshine and a little warmer!

The almost 8 hours of sunshine on Sunday, as a result of much less cloud cover, lifted the temperature to a maximum of 19.4C. the third warmest day this month but still 0.8C below the 35-year average. The little rain that fell was in the earlier part of the morning.

The past night has been the second warmest this month with the thermometer not falling below 12.9C, which was 2.8C above the average and only the third above average night this month.

Monday was initially cloudy but the cloud thinned and the sun broke through just before 08.00 with the temperature at that time eased upwards to read 15.5C.

A little rain, a little sun but a little cool!

Saturday brought another below average day with the maximum of 18.6C, although it was the warmest day since 3rd June, being 1.6C below the 35-year average.

The past night was cooler again being 2.1C below average with a minimum of 8.0C at 01.35 this morning with the thermometer slowly easing upwards to teach 11.9C at 08.00.

After a predominantly dry day on Saturday, rain began to fall at 06.30 this morning, Sunday, as a rain band again drifted across from the south west, bringing the monthly total to 62.5mm.

Update on Sunday at 20.00: temperature eases upwards again with a maximum of 19.4C, but still below average (-0.7C).

Some ‘depressions’ outlive their welcome!

Although earlier in the month gardeners and farmers were hoping for rain, the low pressure system that has been plaguing us for the past six days has outlived its welcome.

Friday saw another 1.4mm of rainfall added to the total, now 59.1mm. However, we have not suffered the extremes of rainfall other parts of the country recently endured as the June rainfall is only 6mm above the 35-year average, but we are only half way through the month.

With the depression circulating above the UK bringing the thick cloud cover and bands of rain it was not surprising to see the maximum on Friday still 2.8C below the average but this was up 4C on the Thursday maximum.

The past night was also below average (-0.6C) with a minimum of 9.5C.

Saturday began with bright sunshine but by 07.30 advance cloud from the next rain band began to obscure she sky.