Colder still!

Sunday saw the thermometer struggle to a maximum of 9.2C, which was 4.8C below average and more like a late February day. Overnight was not quite so cold as previously being frost free falling to 4.8C.

Update on Monday at 18.30: warmth begins to return with a maximum of 13.6C, but still 0.4c below average, although second warmest day in April.

Cooler again, especially at night

With a maximum of only 10.1C (-3.9C) and a minimum of -1.3C (-5.3C) both day and night were significantly below average as regards temperature. However, the many hours of sunshine made Saturday a pleasant day if feeling cool in the strong breeze, which had veered into the east.

Sunday saw brought sunshine strongly after dawn in almost still conditions at 08.00 with the thermometer having risen to 2.6C after the sharp air frost.

Cool, very cool!

Friday was another below average day with a maximum of only 10.4C being 3.6C below average. The following night was also below average with a minimum of 0.9C (-3C).

Saturday arrived with strong sunshine from dawn lifting the temperature to 3.9C at 08.00 under the influence of the anticyclone centred over Scandinavia producing a brief ground frost but not air frost.

Sharper air frost after many hours of sunshine

The lighter breeze from the Northeast and nearly ten hours of sunshine lifted the temperature a little higher than previous days but with a maximum of 11.C was still 2.1C below the average.

The UV level was again in the ‘moderate’ category.

It was a dry day with the monthly rainfall total standing at 32.0mm but with drying winds and much sunshine the evaporation from ground sources and plant life has increased with the equivalent rainfall of 2.75mm ad 2.91mm lost to the atmosphere over the last two days.

A sharper air frost than the previous night occurred with a minimum of -1.6C, which was 5.7C below the average for April.

Air frost returns

Wednesday brought us many hours of sunshine although a brisk northeasterly breeze, maximum 24mph, suppressed the temperature by day with a maximum of 11.7C. This peak was up over 2C on the Tuesday maximum but still 2.3C below average with a wind chill that meant it felt a couple of degrees cooler. It was a dry day with the UV level returning to the high end of the ‘moderate’ level.

Not surprisingly, with clear skies overnight, the temperature fell away producing an air frost with a minimum of -0.7C at 06.27 this morning, Thursday.

Thursday saw the sun shining strongly as it rose above the horizon that by 0800 had lifted the temperature to 2.1C with just minimal movement of the air.

This change in weather is due to an anticyclone over Scandinavia with the consequent high pressure bringing a dry and more settled few days, with sunshine.