Sunniest day for a month on Tuesday

Tuesday was a glorious day with 11.2 hours of sunshine making it the sunniest day since 16th July. That raised the temperature back above average (+0.2C) to a maximum of 21.1C with the wind now coming from the west, a little less cold than the Polar air on Monday.

It was a dry day but just after 05.30 today, Wednesday, the rain from the next depression arrived that gave 1.1mm before 08.00.

The minimum overnight was also above average (+1.8C) but just after 08.00 heavy rain began to fall as the centre of the wide rain band crossed the area. Once again the wind direction changes with a modest southerly air flow today.

Update on Wednesday at 19.00: the warmest part of the day is at this time with a maximum of just 17.1C, which is a significant 3.8C below average. Rain has been frequent all day with heavy rain again in the past half hour.

More like Autumn with below average temperatures

On Monday, the wind, having veered into the north west, meant the cooler polar air limited the temperature to a maximum of 18.5C, which was 2.4C below average and the coolest day since 19th June. Late afternoon the wind began to back into the west.

There were several minor showers in the past twenty-four hours, the last just after 03.45 this morning, amounting to 1.5mm.

The past night was very cool with the thermometer dropping into single figures providing a minimum of 9.3C at 04.47, being 2.2C below average and the coolest night in August so far.

Tuesday saw strong sunshine an hour after dawn as a weak ridge of high pressure built over the UK with the current pressure reading of 1017.8mb, close to the highest this month.

Torrential rain – for a few minutes Sunday night

Other than a brief shower mid afternoon, Sunday was dry during daylight hours. The majority of the sunshine, 4.8 hours, was predominantly in the morning that gave a maximum of 20.2C, 0.7C below average, at 13.34.

A minute or two before 22.30 last night the heavens opened with torrential rain, at its peak falling at the rate of 220mm/hour. Fortunately the intense shower only lasted a few minutes but its intensity was such that the satellite signal to our TV failed. The rainfall for the past twenty-four hours amounted to 7.5mm bringing the monthly total to 35.4mm when the average for August is 66.3mm.

Last night was cool with the thermometer dipping down to 11.7 at 03.25.

Monday saw thick cloud after dawn but after 08.00 there were vey brief bright intervals although the temperature of 13.1C at that time meant the coolest start to a day this month.

The deep depression is now well into the north sea with a consequent rise in barometric pressure, currently 1013.7mb, giving a limited ridge of higher pressure, which should mean less frequent showers and brighter conditions for the next day or two.

Update on Monday at 18.40: the wind, having veered into the north west, meant the cooler polar air limited the temperature to a maximum of 18.5C, which was 2.4C below average and the coolest day since 19th June.

Windiest day in four months

The wind strength resulting from the deep depression moving north east over the country meant strong winds in the morning increasing to a maximum of 38mph. Thus was the strongest wind gust since 27th April when a gust of 42mph was recorded. The record gust for this station since it was set up was a gust of 57mph both in January and March 2007.

As the low-pressure, minimum 994.7mb, eased away the wind slowly abated in the afternoon.

It was the coolest day this month with the thermometer not getting above average with a maximum of 20.1C (-0.7C). There were a couple of light showers amounting to 0.6mm.

Overnight the thermometer fell to its lowest at 06.03 Sunday morning with a minimum of 13.2C, which was 1.7C above average.

With the barometric pressure increasing, Sunday morning brought broken cloud with short glimpses of sunshine.

Windiest day in four months

The effect of the deep depression was felt on Friday with frequent showers amounting to 5.0mm but especially the wind. A maximum gust of 33mph was recorded at 16.24 making it the strongest gust since 27th April when 42mph was noted. The peak temperature of 20.9C was exactly average for August and the coolest day this month.

The strong winds continued overnight, being another mild night, with a minimum of 15.7C, which was 4.2C above average.

Initially Saturday started cloudy but just before 08.00 the sun began to break through the variable cloud.

The depression is slowly moving away having locally reached a minimum barometric pressure of 994.7mb at 00.53 Saturday. However, the barometer is now rising rapidly having gained 4mb in the last seven hours but being on the southern flank of the depression the winds are still gusting strongly with a recent gust of 32mph.

Update on Saturday at 16.25: peak gust of 38mph at 13.53. Maximum temperature of 20.1C making it the coolest day this month.