Ridge of high pressure lifts temperatures

The ridge of high pressure on Tuesday, then easing eastwards to Central Europe, meant a flow of milder air from the Atlantic.

Tuesday saw the thermometer rose to 10.1C at 14.22, which was 3C above average and the second warmest day this month. It was another dry day.

We enjoyed 6.8 hours of broken sunshine with the UV level rising to 1.8, the highest since 24th October.

For most of the past night the thermometer hovered around 7C but just before dawn fell a little so that by 08.00 today, Wednesday, it was reading 6.2C, which was almost 5C above average.

Wednesday morning saw broken cloud after dawn with little wind.

Update on Wednesday at 17.50: southerly air flow lifted temperature well above average (+3.5C) with maximum of 10.6C at 12.53 before cloud built up to mask the sun.

Frost returns

Even though the wind, the lightest this month with a peak gust of just 13mph, had veered into the north west on Monday, the limited sunshine (5.82 hours) lifted the temperature to a maximum of 8.2C being 1.1c above average. It was a dry day, only the second this month.

Clearer skies overnight meant that the thermometer fell below freezing at 22.19, continuing down to a minimum of -1.4C at 03.29 this Tuesday morning.

Tuesday saw the sun shine hazily as soon as it rose above the horizon but thin high cloud is limiting its strength. The temperature rose a little before dawn to register -0.7C at 08.00.

Ridge of high pressure producing dry and calm weather with the current reading of 1032.8mb.

Update on Tuesday at 15.55: temperature eases upwards in light winds now backed into the southwest. Another dry day with over 5 hours of sunshine.

Cooling down!

Although Sunday brought us 4 hours of sunshine the brisk westerly wind, gusting to 28mph, meant a cooler day with the maximum restricted to 6.9C, just below average, at 14.28.

Another 4.1mm of rainfall brought the February total to 59.0mm being just 6m below the 35-year average.

Clearer skies overnight meant a cool night with the thermometer dropping to 2.7C at 06.11 this morning, which was 1.4C above average, the coolest night for almost a week.

Monday dawned with broken skies (3/8 coverage)but with the promise of more sunshine. The very light winds are now coming from the north west.

Update on Monday at 17.55: temperature eases upwards to a maximum of 8.2C (+1.1C) in light winds and over 4 hours of sunshine. The first dry day in a week under a ridge of high pressure.

Wind, rain and sun, all in one day

As Storm Erik eased away into the North Sea on Saturday we were left with sunshine and showers combined with blustery winds in localised squalls.

The 6.18 hours of sunshine, predominantly in the morning, allowed the thermometer to rise almost 2C above average with a maximum of 9.0C at 14.10. The peak gust was measured at 26mph.

There was a brief shower around 11pm last night with a rain band passing through just after 3am that in total gave us another 4.6mm of precipitation.

Just after 03.15 this morning the wind abruptly veered from the south west into the west and the thermometer fell a couple of degrees following a relatively warm night.

Sunday dawned dull with low cloud masking the Marlborough Downs from which much drizzle and light rain emanated. The minimum temperature was also above average with a low of 4.1C at 08.00.

Update on Sunday at 16.50: brisk westerly winds moderate temperature to a maximum of 6.9C, which was just below average, the first in a week.

Storm Erik made itself felt!

Friday saw Storm Erik approaching the north of the UK with its associated wet and windy weather. The warm Atlantic air raised the temperature to a maximum of 10.8C being 3.6C above average and the warmest day since 25th January.

Rain showers were plentiful during daylight hours, with an intense burst between 1535 and 1545. Overnight there were fewer showers with the rainfall for the past twenty-four hours amounting to 9.6mm, which brings the February total to 50.3mm.

It was a windy period with frequent bursts above 30 mph and a peak gust of 41mph at 13.33.

There followed a mild night with a minimum of 5.0C, which was 3.7C above average and the warmest night since 16th January.

Saturday morning began with much cloud cover, dry and the wind slowly abating as Storm Erik moves away into the North Sea with barometric pressure rising since 15.35 yesterday.