Blocking High Pressure over Scandinavia keeps rain at bay

Wednesday saw more cloud and thus less sunshine, just 2.36 hours. The brisker southeasterly breeze pegged back the temperature to a maximum of 7.2C. This was only the second below average day this month, being 0.6C below.

It was a dry day, the third consecutive without precipitation.

Clearer skies overnight saw the thermometer drop to a minimum of 1.3C at 02.51.

Wind chill became a factor yesterday, the first time for nearly a month.

Thursday morning at 08.00 the thermometer read 1.6C but wind chill meant it felt more like -1.9C.

Update on Thursday at 17.50: thermometer struggled to reach a maximum of only 4.1C being 3.7C below average and the coldest day in nine months. However, wind chill meant that this felt more like 2C due to the brisk easterly breeze. Another five hours of sunshine.

Ridge of high pressure still exerting its influence.

Tuesday brought us another welcome 5 hours of sunshine and a dry day. The thermometer edged a little higher than on Monday with a maximum of 9.1C, being 1.3C above average.

It was a dry day with very little wind, a peak gust of just 12 mph was the strongest breeze.

The overnight minimum was 3.5C at dawn, also above average (+1.6C).

Wednesday has arrived with broken cloud and the possibility of limited sunshine for the first part of the morning.

Update on Wednesday at 16.40: south easterly breeze pegs back the temperature to a maximum of 7.2C, which was only the second below average (-0.6C) day this month. Stronger wind meant wind chill a factor making it feel a degree or so below that indicated on the thermometer.

First dry day in two weeks!

Monday was memorable in that it was the first dry day since 26th November and the sunniest day since 18th November with 5.3 hours.

However, the light westerly air flow produced a lower maximum than of recent days of 8.4C but still 0.6C above average.

Overnight the clearer skies and still wind conditions meant that the thermometer steadily fell to a minimum of 1.4C at 04.08 before lifting a degree to 2.2C at 08.00 as thin cloud from the next approaching weather front drifted in from the west. The low temperature initially gave a slight ground frost.

Tuesday arrived with a predominantly cloudy sky, thickening as the next weather front arrives from the Atlantic.

Update on Tuesday at 17.40: another 5 hours of sunshine on Tuesday that again lifted temperature above average (+1.3C) with a peak of 9.1C. Very little wind, peak of just 11 mph, with another dry day.

Highest barometric pressure for a month

On Sunday we enjoyed 3 hours of sunshine and a dry day with the exception of a brief shower just before noon, amounting to 0.3mm.

Temperatures by day and night were again above average with a maximum of 10.3C (+2.5C) and a minimum of 4.9C (+3C).

Monday arrived with the cloud bank easing away to the east and a predominantly clear sky with the promise of sunshine when it rises above the horizon.

The barometric pressure at 8.00 was 1026.9mb giving a temporary ridge of high pressure thus a drier and brighter day.

Incidentally, on this day last year we had snow and ice!

Update on Monday at 15.15: westerly breeze limits warmth to a maximum of 8.4C, (0.6C above average) at 14.29 despite 5 hours of welcome sunshine.

More rain, less sun on Saturday

The sunshine and showers regime continued with another 4.3mm of rainfall but less sunshine than on Friday with 1.23 hours.

The temperatures by day and night were again above average with a maximum of 10.7C (+2.9C) and a minimum of 7.8C (+5.9C).

The breezy conditions continued throughout the past twenty-four hors with a maximum gust of 36 mph at 04.27 the morning.

Sunday arrived with a mainly cloudy sky and light drizzle in the air and the thermometer having eased up a little to 8.8C.