Warmest day for eight months

After a sunny morning on Monday the showers got going late afternoon adding another 1.2mm to the total now standing at 29.9mm when the average is 60.7mm.

It was the warmest day since 24th September with a maximum of 23.1C being 5.6C above the 38-year average. The minimum of 8.6C that occurred at 04.59 on Wednesday was also above average (+2.2C).

The UV level rose a little higher with a peak value of 7.0 that just took it into the ‘Very High’ category.

After a misty and cloudy start to Wednesday the sun began to make occasional appearances after 07.00 and more after 08.00 that lifted the temperature to 12.2C.


Monday was a day of sunshine and showers. During the intervals of strong sunshine the UV level rose to 6.9, rated as High, and the thermometer to 20.1C, which was 2.6C above the average.

Another 1.0mm of rainfall was recorded that brought the monthly total to 29.9C when the 38-year May average is 60.7mm.

The pattern of mild nights continued with a low of 11.0C being 4.6C above the average.

Tuesday arrived with variable sunshine and the warmest start to a day since 25th September at 08.00 with a temperature of 14.8C. The barometric pressure has recovered to 1018.3mb at that time, the highest since Saturday.

Wettest twenty-four hours for two months

Sunday brought frequent showers but the main rainfall started just after 23.00, intensifying after midnight, that produced 13.5mm as thunderstorms swept across the area. There were two particularly intense downpours that were logged at 00.30 and 04.15 as the rain was recorded as falling at 30mm then 33mm / hour for a brief period. This was the wettest day since 16th March (16.4mm).

Due to the cloud and rain Sunday was a cooler day with the thermometer not rising above 16.8C being 0.7C below the 38-year average.

The diurnal range of temperature, difference between day and night, was extremely small, just 2.8C, with a minimum of 14.0C.

Monday arrived with the warmest start to a day since 26th September with a reading at 08.00 of 14.2C. It was a mainly cloudy start to the day with just very brief glimpses of sunshine.

Due to the depression in the Atlantic repositioning the wind veered from the east on Sunday to southwest after midnight and a drop in pressure to 1012.7mb at 08.00.

Overnight heavy rain was allergic to this area!

The thermometer on Saturday rose steadily to peak at 22.1C being the warmest day since 26th September and 4.6C above the average. After the sunniest day this year the heavy rain arrived from the Continent just before midnight. However, the first area of intense rain passed to the west of the area and the second intense area in the early hours of Sunday passed to the east. We did, however, receive 1.6mm.

The past night was mild thanks to the blanket of cloud with a minimum of 10.7C being 4.3C above the average.

Sunday dawned with the hang back of cloud from the rain band to the east with only the odd glimpse of sunshine. The temperature had risen slightly to 11.9C by 08.00.

The equivalent rainfall from evaporation of 35mm still totals double the monthly rainfall of 15.4mm.

Sunshine increases so does the warmth

After sunny intervals on Friday morning the sun began to shone stringy just before lodaaynthat saw the thermlmter rose to 18.9C being 2.4C above the 38-year average. The wind was predominantly from the west butylate event and overnight began to back int the southwest.

Overnight was again mild with a low of 8.3C (+1.9C).

Saturday arrived with total cloud cover but just after 08.15 breaks began to appear in the cloud and the sun to shine more strongly and consistently.

The centre of the high pressure is easing eastwards, currently over the Brittany, and later centred over Belgium. This will see the wind back a little further into the south for much of the day.

The May rainfall total is just 13.8mm but is forecast to rise with possible storms during Saturday night and Sunday morn arriving from the Continent. Evaporation is the equivalent rainfall of 32mm to date.