More rain overnight – but wind direction changed

Although no measurable rain fell during daylight hours on Wednesday another 4.8mm fell overnight bringing the June total to 52.0mm when the average is 53.1mm.

The temperature on Wednesday was up 3C on the very cold Tuesday, a maximum of 14.4C was a significant 5.8C below the 35-year average. With the wind much lighter it felt a less cold.

The UV level increased from ‘Low’ on Tuesday to ‘Moderate’ on Wednesday

The thick cloud and rain overnight meant the thermometer only fell about 4C to a minimum of 9.9C, which was just below the average.

Thursday saw the light rain continue until just before 08.00 with just an occasional glimpse of brightness.

Overnight the wind direction has changed from the persistent northeasterly to a current gentle breeze from the south – a much warmer direction.