Longest dry spell for over five years

Saturday again was a dry day, the eighteenth consecutive dry day, making it the driest spell since July 2013. The day was again overcast with thick cloud and no sunshine.

The mild air stream continued that raised the temperature to a maximum of 9.5C, which was 2.5C above average. The cloud cover continued overnight providing a duvet to minimise warmth escaping into the atmosphere that meant the temperature at 08.00 today was a significant 7.1C above average with a reading of 8.4C.

Sunday arrived with complete cloud cover that is likely to persist throughout the day as another weak weather front moves down from the north. The strongest gust of wind this month occurred at 06.12 with a peak speed of 27mph.

It is the warmest morning since 30th December.

Update on Sunday at 18.15: 19th consecutive dry day, driest period since July 2013, when it was summer, not midwinter! Temperature consistently 2.3C above average during daylight hours at 9.3C.

Update at 20.00: temperature surprisingly risen to 10.4C since 18.15