Intense high pressure means cold nights BUT sun by day!

If you think the indicator on your wall barometer is exceptionally far to the right it is not broken! The barometric pressure has been rising for the past twenty-four hours as an area of intense high pressure, that has been approaching from the Atlantic, moves across the UK. There has been an exceptional rise of 23mb since 08.00 yesterday with the current pressure reading 1037.2mb.This is the highest barometric pressure at 08.00 since 18th January 2017.

Sunday saw rain during the morning, ceasing just after noon, producing another 6.0mm of rainfall, which brings the total for September to 48.2mm being 78% of the 34-year average.

The wind, then coming from the north and gusting to 24mph, restricted the temperature to a maximum of just 12.2C at 15.55. This was 6.4C below the average.

As the cloud and rain moved away to the east the sun appeared, quite strongly, for 3.7 hours.

Due to the high barometric pressure it was a cold night under clear skies so the thermometer tumbled to a minimum of 2.2C at 07.30 this morning, being 7.1C below average.

Monday arrived with the sun in appearance at dawn so under clear skies, the promise of much sunshine today after that cold start.

Update on Monday at 15.55: continuous sunshine since dawn lifts temperature a little to a maximum of 14.4C at 14.25. This was up 2C on the Sunday peak but 4.2C below the average due to the light breeze from the northwest.