Heat builds again on Friday

Friday again started with cloud brought in from the North Sea but less dense than on Thursday. The sun soon got to work and eventually gave us 14 hours of strong sunshine that by 17.41 gave a maximum of 26.3C with Very High UV levels again

With just 5.3mm of rain in June it is going to be a record dry month. The contrasting records are that in 1995 we had 12.5mm and 1998 brought 143.2mm.

Saturday morning has seen the now familiar cloud brought in on the very brisk north easterly wind that meant another mild night with a minimum of 11.3C but no sunshine by 08.30.

N.B. Daily Statistics – currently not able to update on Saturday.

Saturday update: maximum up again with a peak of 27.7C, being 7.7C above average.