Flat pressure pattern gives a calm month

With so little variation in barometric pressure during July, so far, the result has been many days with little wind. The maximum gust on Thursday was just 9mph all day with many hours when the anemometer was becalmed. At the beginning of the month there were two days with maximum gusts of 23 and 22 mph but since that time maximum gusts were in the low teens.

Thursday saw the thermometer begin to rise again, over the two previous days, with a peak of 25.9C at 14.11. But the day was predominantly cloudy with just 1.37 hours of strong sunshine although there were 13.0 hours of global sunshine.

A milder night followed with a minimum of 12.9C, the warmest night for ten days and 1.2C above the July average.

Friday arrived with broken cloud and brief glimpses of sunshine in the breaks, allowing the thermometer to rise to 16.9C at 08.00