First rain in eleven days – but very little

Saturday gave us a sunny morning but advancing cloud from the next weather front obscured the sun for much of the afternoon. However, with light winds, varying between Northwest and then Northeast in the afternoon, the thermometer crept up to a maximum of 23.5C at 13.02 before the sun’s strength became dimmed, this was 0.8C above average.

It was a dry day. During the late evening much thicker cloud from the cold front passed over but produced no rain. However, another area of thick cloud traversed the area between 04.00 and 05.00 early Sunday and produced 0.3mm of light rain just before 04.30. This was the first rainfall after ten dry days.

The thick cloud meant a mild night with the thermometer not falling below 13.2C, which was 1.4C above average.

Sunday arrived with a hang back of cloud front the weather front but brief glimpses of sunshine were observed around 08.00.