Early signs of change on Thursday

Thursday gave us another 8.8 hours of sunshine between variable cloud, which, with a brisker westerly wind rather than south west, meant a drop of 2.5C on the Wednesday peak with a maximum of 21.5C being 1.2C below average.

Overnight the thermometer fell away to a minimum of 9.9C at 04.15, almost 3C below average. This low was before cloud thickened from the advancing weather front bringing the first spots of rain just after 05.15 that by 08.00 on Friday totalled to 0.6mm.

The soil temperature at a depth of 5cm at 08.00 Friday registers 15.4C compared to the warmest morning at that depth of 22.9C on the 5th.

Update on Friday at 14.40: first weather front (warm) produced 10.2mm of precipitation during the morning.
July so far: rainfall 16mm vs. evaporation of 66mm