Brief early fog again after cold night

Thursday brought us 7.77 hours of sunshine that, with light winds from the Southeast, lifted the temperature to a maximum of 12.5C, which was 5.4C above average. This made it the warmest day since 24th October.

Not surprisingly, with a clear sky overnight, the thermometer took a tumble producing a ground frost with a minimum of 0.1C at 07.46. This was 1.2C below average.

Just before dawn a mist began to form in the River Og and Kennet valleys that thickened considerably in the hour before sunrise but by 08.00, with the weak sunshine beginning to have an effect, had evaporated into a mist.

Friday saw the sun shining through the mist and fog as it rose above the horizon, that with high pressure still close, promised a sunny day.

Update on Friday at 15.55: southerly air flow from the Canary Islands lifts temperature to a maximum of 13.6, which was 6.5C above average. Another dry day with over 9 hours of sunshine.