Driest period for 5 years

Sunday was another dry day making this the nineteenth consecutive dry day and the driest continuous period since July 2013, which had nineteen dry days. The average rainfall for January stands at 91.8mm and this month so far no precipitation has been recorded. With records going back to 1984 I find that the longest period with consecutive dry days was in April 1984 into the beginning of May 1984, which had 27 consecutive dry days.

There were blustery conditions during Sunday evening when frequent gusts above 20mph were recorded with the peak gust of 33mph occurring at 21.29.

The temperature on Sunday hovered around 8.3C for most of the day being 1.3C above average. However, just after 18.00 a plume of warmer air arrived that slowly lifted the temperature to 10.4C at 19.42 before the thermometer steadily fell back again.

The overnight minimum was 4.7C being 3.4C above average.

Monday arrived with a cloudy sky buy hints that there might be breaks in the cloud cover as the morning progresses.

Update on Monday at 13.55: maximum temperature of 8.2C ar 12.54, which was 1.2C above average. Another dry day so far due to the high pressure reasserting itself that is likely to mean the dry spell extends further.