Cooling down!

Although Sunday brought us 4 hours of sunshine the brisk westerly wind, gusting to 28mph, meant a cooler day with the maximum restricted to 6.9C, just below average, at 14.28.

Another 4.1mm of rainfall brought the February total to 59.0mm being just 6m below the 35-year average.

Clearer skies overnight meant a cool night with the thermometer dropping to 2.7C at 06.11 this morning, which was 1.4C above average, the coolest night for almost a week.

Monday dawned with broken skies (3/8 coverage)but with the promise of more sunshine. The very light winds are now coming from the north west.

Update on Monday at 17.55: temperature eases upwards to a maximum of 8.2C (+1.1C) in light winds and over 4 hours of sunshine. The first dry day in a week under a ridge of high pressure.