Coldest night for almost a month

We missed the showers on Sunday, just a few drops late afternoon amounting to only 0.1mm. The light breeze from the south west and 8.8 hours of sunshine meant a slightly warmer day with a maximum of 18.0C, but that was still 2.2C below average. Every day of the last week has brought below average maxima and only one night this month has been above average.

A cool, if not cold night followed with the thermometer falling way down to 4.5C at 03.55, which was the coldest night since 16th May and a significant 5.6C below the 35-year average.

There was a little brightness between 07.30 and 08.00 on Monday morning but thickening cloud from the depression to the east is slowly easing our way.

The shift in the direction of the air mass movement from south west, backing into the north today, will even though it is light in strength, make for a very cool day.

Update on Monday at 15.15: thermometer struggled briefly to reach a maximum of 12.7C, which was almost 8C below average, before falling back to between 10C and 11C as the cloud thickened and rain began to fall steadily and continuously since noon.