Coldest June day on record

Tuesday saw a record broken for the lowest June daytime temperature I have recorded with a maximum of only 11.4C, which was 8.8C below the 35-year average. The minimum overnight was also below average with a low of 8.8C(-1.3C).

This extreme low temperature by day was due to the continuing strong north-east wind, gusting to 29 mph, dragging in cold air from around the Arctic regions as the depression slowly rotated anticlockwise from east to west over the UK, moving so very slowly.

Although we had many hours of steady rain on Monday, Tuesday produced just 0.3mm. We are fortunate not to have suffered under the deluge that has overwhelmed some parts of the country to the east and west. The rainfall for June currently stands at 47.2mm when the 35-year average is 53.1mm.

Wednesday morning began dry with the cloud thinner and a lower cloud base also the wind having fallen lighter. With the thermometer reading 9.6C at 08.00 it is the coolest start to the morning at this time of day for almost a month.

The barometric pressure is still low for this time of the year as the depression continues to linger over the UK with no sign that it will quickly move on! Depressions deeper than the current one are not unusual at this time of the year, the problem is its position and thus the resultant wind direction.

Update on Wednesday at 17.46: another dismal day but no measurable rainfall at this time. The wind fell light so feeling a little warmer even though the maximum was just 14.4C, which was 5.8C below average but 3C higher than on Tuesday.