Barometer rises again giving sunny day on Friday

Friday brought us 5.4 hours of sunken under the influence of high pressure, the highest all month as the depression eased away to the east. Ot was also a dry day, only the sixth this month.

Regardless of the sunshine the wind was brisk from the northeast that depressed temperatures with a maximum of only 6.9C being 3.2C below average.The clearer skies overnight initially meant an air frost set in with a minimum of 1.0C just after midnight but cloud encroaching from the east meant this gradually lifted so that at 08.00 on Saturday morning the ground frost was still evident but the air temperature had risen to 1.1C.

However, at first light on Saturday low cloud and mist was evident with a brisk wind veering into the east producing wind chill so that it felt more like -1C.