Below freezing all day & night with more snow

There was no let up in the Siberian weather on Sunday as the thermometer refused to rise above freezing with a maximum of just -0.4C at 10.41 and then began to fall again.

The minimum was reached on Sunday evening at 21.50 with a low of -2.5C and at that time the wind chill made it feel more like -7.3C. There was a slight recovery in the early hours so that at 08.00 today, Monday, the thermometer read -1.4C.

More snow fell late evening giving a further 1cm in depth but drifting again in the strong northeasterly winds gusting to 25 mph.

Monday morning has dawned with the cloud thinner and higher but no sunshine and the wind still gusting to 22mph with wind chill of -7C.

Monday update at 10.50: temperature at last has risen above freezing with 0.1C and wind chill reduced to -4C.

Monday update at 12.30: temperature now +1.6C and wind chill reducing further to -3C. However, with strong sunshine breaking through a steady thaw is underway. The very dry air, humidity down to 66%,and still very strong wind, is rapidly drying the melt water from the snow.

Monday update at 14.30: maximum of 3.1C reached at 14.24, now beginning to fall away. The pesky wind from the north east is still very strong, gusting to over 25mph, so that even with the current temperature there is a wind chill that makes it feel like -2C. However, at this time we have enjoyed 3 hours of strong sunshine.

Monday update at 19.00: temperature fallen away to 0.9C and still dropping, but wind not abated, still gusting over 25mph, so that wind chill makes it feel like -4C.

Snow and lots of it!

Throughout the daylight hours on Saturday there were almost continuous light snow flurries that left little on the ground but what fell was swept along on the very strong northeasterly winds, gusting to 36mph at is peak.

Saturday started with a temperature of 0.8C but the thermometer continued to slowly fall away as the day progressed so that by nightfall the thermometer read -1.6C with a windchill making it feel like -7C.

Overnight a considerable fall of snow occurred with a depth of 6 – 8cm equating to 4.5mm of rainfall.

Sunday morning has seen the remains of the heavy snowfall petering out as the weather front eased northwestwards. The temperature has risen from its lowest point of -2.8C at 03.43 this morning, to -1.8C at 08.00. Since midnight the strong wind has been easing down with maximum gusts on Sunday at 08.00 of 15mph.

Sunday update at 11.00: air temperature risen to -0.5C but wind chill like -6C as wind has increased again this morning, gusting to 28mph. Snow falling ceased for last hour.

Sunday update at 14.00: maximum today of -0.4C at 10.41 this morning but drifted downwards before midday to -0.7C and currently at -0.9C with wind chill making it feel like-7C. Melted snow gave rainfall equivalent of 4.5mm for past twenty-four hours.

Sunday update at 19.30: temperature dropped to -2.2C with wind chill at -7C

Sunday update at 20.45: snowing again so my efforts at clearing paths this morning will need repeating tomorrow morning! Temperature now dropped to -2.4C.

Siberian blast – again! Snow & wind chill equal to -6C.

With maxima of 12.6C and 12.1C on Thursday and Friday respectively, the arctic blast from the northeast, starting early today, has dropped the temperature by almost 13C.

On Saturday morning the temperature began to fall just after 3am to reach 0.8C at 08.00. However, the thermometer only tells one aspect of this severe cold blast as the wind just after 9am gusted to 36mph. Currently the ambient temperature is -0.1C and the wind chill makes it feel more like -6C.

After sunny and warm weather on Friday, the wind began to swing into the northeast shortly after midnight to change from a mild, warm air mass to a very cold and dry air mass.

Earlier this morning there was a snow shower with more in the air from 11am

Saturday update at 16.30: air temperature -0.9C, wind chill feels like – 6C. Light snow showers for 7 hours but little on ground with wind a dropping a little.

Saturday update at 18.30: air temperature at-1.7C with wind chill now -7C. Wind abated slightly gusting to 30mph and 10 minute average of 12mph. Air humidity still low at 87%.

Saturday update at 20.00: currently snowing much heavier resulting in a covering of at least 1 – 2cm. Temperature now -2.1C.

Another downpour lasting 7 hours

Wednesday stated with a bright morning and almost an hour of sunshine but increasing cloud around midday obscured any lasting brightness. The warmest time was at 15.26 with a maximum of 11.1C, just above average.

Rain from the next weather front started to fall just after 22.00 last night and continued for seven hours, being particularly heavy between 3 and 4am this morning. The past twenty-four hours gave us 13.4mm. This brings the total for March to 73.2mm being 13mm above the 34-year average.

After the very windy day on Wednesday, with gusts to 33mph, Thursday has arrived with overcast skies but little wind. The minimum yesterday was 6.3C, which occurred at 08.00 on Wednesday morning making this the second warmest night this month and 4C above average.

Sun returns and lifts temperature

Tuesday brought us 3.1 hours of sunshine, the sunniest for almost a week, which lifted the temperature to a maximum of 11.8C being 1.3C above the average. The breeze was light, maximum gust of only 11mph, which made the afternoon very pleasant.

It was a dry day, the first for over a week and the UV level reached 2.3, the highest this month as occurred on Sunday.

Overnight the thermometer initially fell away to a minimum of 2.6C at midnight but during the early hours began to recover so that at 08.00 today the reading was 6.3C.

Wednesday has arrived with broken cloud and brief periods of sunshine.

Wednesday update at 14.15: temperature of 10.3C but wind chill makes it feel like 8C as wind gusts to 30mph.